What Our Customers Say

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 April 2021

Hello! Just wanted to drop you a note to say the new scone recipe is amazing! G 

February 2021

Hello, Just letting you know that I am delighted to have discovered I can purchase my favourite loaf of all time (especially for toasting!) online :).  I was also given your delicious chocolate cake by nursing staff in St Joseph’s care centre staff whilst there with the vaccination team in the past month and it is by far the most delicious non-home-made cake I have ever eaten. I am very pleased to see that you are based in Longford and relieved to know I can get my favourite bread so easily now...keep up the great work :) Best wishes Roswitha and Alex in Mullingar

.... Hello, my first order arrived yesterday, it was a little delayed in transit, all in good order in spite of that.  It’s 8 years since I found out that I am coeliac, in all of that time I’ve never had bread as good as yours. We live in France and the gf bread available here is dry, strange tasting and generally not great. We’ve had toast and sandwiches today, my husband (who isn’t coeliac) also eats gf at home really enjoyed it too. He said 🤩 wow (not faint praise). I wanted to let you know and to say thank you, we’ll be setting up a repeat order I think :) Regards Sandra Nicholls, France

December 2020 

Your products are my family’s absolute FAVORITE and every time we travel to Ireland we stock up! I was so excited to be able to order them. 😊

Thank you, Cassie Silver USA


Ro Regan ...... February 2019

Wow! Just wow!! Has to send you a message as I believe credit where credit is due....A friend made me a sandwich using you delicious bread and it was just gorgeous. Not tasteless and like cardboard like most gluten free breads. I even had to take another slice and eat it with just some butter. Can’t wait to try out more in your range. Keep up the amazing food! You’ll make gluten intolerant people feel happy and not excluded with your fabulous range. Can’t wait to try out your range x

Laura's Gluten Free Kitchen ....... February 2019

New goodies by Goodness Grains 😍 Sorry but I am not sharing. 😁😜 I have only tried the lemon squares so far and Omg. 😋 Only word, delicious.  I have tried the bread in the past which is also so soft and it is a delicious sandwich bread. Not opening this pack yet because I still have a loaf to go through.  I love that the bagels and the crossiants are individually wrapped. Keeps each piece fresher for longer. 😍

Margaret Power ......... February 2019

I have just had one of your croissants for breakfast and it was so delicious I had to let you know!   It was just as good as traditional wheat croissants.  I also had your lemon squares last week.  It is so good for coeliacs to have more choice and not be dribbling at the mouth while others eat!.   Keep up the good work and continue putting your bakes into Tesco,  Ardkeen, Waterford  and New Ross in my case, regards,   Margaret Power

Linda Berry (UK)....... January 2019 

I recently had a breakfast at Savill Gardens, Virginia Water, part of the Crown Estates in the UK and enjoyed the bread, which when I asked the chef was handed a goodness grains farmhouse multiseed loaf wrapper.  Can you please give me the name of a UK stockist, ideally in Berkshire UK?  I am Coeliac and find most supermarket products are pretty awful and whilst there is plenty of choice today the manufacturers substitute gluten with sugar and things are too sweet.  Bread is my biggest issue and the one thing I miss most in my GF diet.   The only edible loaf is Schar Wholesome Seeded loaf, that was until I tasted yours last week.