What Our Customers Say

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  • Lisa Walsh.....January 2017
       This past September I was recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant and lactose         intolerant. It's been a struggle for me to find brands that cater to both of my allergies           and still maintain a great flavor and texture. You can imagine my struggle in the run            up to Christmas. Every year I've looked forward to my mother making her own                   mince pies, which are always delicious. But this year we found it incredibly difficult to         find a way to make them both gluten and dairy free, and still hold up their structure.            Then I came across your mince pies in Dunnes Stores and hope was no longer lost. I        couldn't believe how good they were. The were better than any shop bought mince            pie I had gotten in the past, and just as good as my mothers, which is very good                indeed! So I would just like to thank you very much for your excellent product and              making my Christmas. In my local stores, there is a limited stock of your products but        I would be eager to try any other products you have. Best regards, Lisa Walsh.


  • Linda Burke.....January 2017

        ''I love your bagels with vegan cream cheese''.

  • The Coeliac Kitchen.....September 2016
      ''Extremely tasty gluten free range from Goodness Grains available at selected stores         including Centra and Supervalu. The problem with gluten free baked goods is that             they tend to be dry and bitty . I have to say these treats are delicious and rich and             the brownie is melt in the mouth!''.
  • Jessica Nic Eochaidh.....May 2016

''Ordered online as couldn't find in shops. Delivery was quick and reliable. Will be ordering again thank you Goodness Grains. Keep up the great work''.

  • Jennifer Lally......March 2016

''Amazing customer service from Goodness Grains - as well as having the tastiest gluten free products around, they know how to treat their customers''.

  • Bunia Anna Maria Stasiak November 2015
"My Bday was yesterday and as a treat I decided to buy Danish Swirls and Multiseed Bagels in Dunnes Stores.  I have never tasted you products before so I didn't have much expectations. I will be honest with you I have been on a Gluten Free diet for over 8 years and I have been feeling down about it lately as none of the treats taste good to me, but not only did you make my Bday treat a real pleasure but you brought back the smile on my face together with assurance that you can get the taste back in my life. The multispeed bagels are absolutely delicious, I love the texture and the flavour and the Danish swirls are like heaven to taste. I am def going to try other stuff as well thank you so much!"
  • James Bell (Dublin)......September 2015

" Hi, I'm a coeliac from Dublin and recently came across your Danish Swirls and Blueberry Muffins. I work on the building sites and find it hard to get nice stuff to eat in the shops that are Gluten Free but the above mentioned items are FANTASTIC. Fair play and keep them coming.

  • Lisa (UK).....July 2015
''Thank you SO much for your excellent service! Everything arrived in great condition, and  what I've tried so far has been amazing.''
  • Claudine....March 2015
"Just had my first goodness grains chocolate chip cookie in the step inn cafe stepaside. It tasted  absolutely delicious thank you"
  • Kali (USA)... May 2015

    "I had your bread at Brasserie 66 in Dublin 2 months ago. It is hands down the absolute best gluten    free bread I've ever had. I live in the US and I haven't found anything even close to your bread. Is there anyway to get it over here?" 

    • Susan McDonald … December  2014

    "Spent weekend in Galway and bought your Danish pastries and mince pies. One word, WOW!!!!! Can you please let me know your stockists in Dublin. Please!!!!!"

    • David Harris … November 2014

    "By far the most extensive range of first class products provided by any one supplier."

    • Anne O’Sullivan – November 2014

    "Fab range of stuff. chocolate muffins lovely warmed with cream or icecream as dessert, yum yum!"

    • Sarah Dennehy – November 2014

    "For someone that's not celiac or allergic to wheat, I'm in love!"

    • Cathy Costello ....  November 2014

    "Best gluten free products I've tried. Recommend every coeliac to try Goodness Grains. Website is great & delivery is quick."

    • Moundes Fethi .....  October 2014

    "Its amazing"

    • Riona Finn   .....  September 2014

    "Just found your danish swirls in my local Tesco yesterday. They're so good, I don't think you'd notice they're gluten free if you hadn't seen the packaging. I really like that they're not long-life; those products are just a bit oddly textured. I'll definitely be trying out some of your other products. Nice to see they're made in Ireland too!"

    • Lisa Fitzpatrick …. July 2014 

    'I had these products at the Thr Arlington Hotel in Dublin last week. I have to say, they were the best I have had in a LONG while! I LOVED the sundried tomato and olive bread, and have to confess to a bacon sandwich every morning for a week.....I hope they are stocked soon in the UK'.

    • 'Marion Fitzsimons  ....May 2014

    'Best glutenfree bread I've had! Received my order today and am very pleased. Just made a beef, blue cheese and rocket sandwich and it's delicious!

    • Siobhan Carr …. February 2014
    'Amazing chocolate muffins!! Nicest I've had in 8 years gluten free! Hard not to eat the four of them!!'
    • Gerard O' Callaghan - March 19 2014
    “ I received the bread and muffins today and I have to say they are wonderful. Thank you so much. It's Nice to eat something that resembles bread again.”
    • Julie - March 3 2014
      “ I had one of your Apple n almond tarts in Douglas & Kaldi in Dundrum. I can safely say it was the nicest gluten free 'treat' iv ever tasted!”
    • Anne Mc Grath - February 19 2014
      “I found your muffins in Dunnes in the Pavilion and they are gorgeous! They only had two loaves and bagels left.”
    • Gareth Morgan - February 18 2014
      “ As a coeliac diagnosed just last year I have to say I find your breads fantastic! Big fan of the sliced loaves and the bagels are very good too. I ordered online from you and found the experience excellent plus I’ve met one of your team at a couple of demonstrations and found her to be really helpful.”
    • Brenda Foran - February 5 2014
      “I tried some of your gluten-free chocolate muffins yesterday, they are really lovely! I am looking forward to trying your bagels and bread too”
    • Emma O'Keeffe - January 31 2014
      “Drove from Wexford to Dundrum SC to try your bread!! Omg I'd do that trip several times a week for it, it's fantastic!! Well Done!!!”
    • Jennifer McKeon - January 30 2014
      “Just had my first Gluten free Danish! Wow, what a taste explosion. Well done”
    • Caroline Gorman - January 27 2014
      “My mam bought your almond,apple tart,and said it was fab,well done.”
    • Noreen O'Donoghue - January 27 2014
      “We have just finished one of your chocolate brownies and it was fabulous - really moist and chocolatey! Can't wait to try more of your products.”
    • Aoife Hegarty - January 20 2014
      “ I found your company extremely pleasant to deal with and I would have no hesitation in ordering from you again and in recommending you to a friend. I found your products to be of the highest quality, even after freezing them. On Christmas day I shared them with my aunt, who is also a coeliac, and we were delighted to have bread and desserts as tasty as the gluten eaters!! Some of the mince pies were broken when delivered, but this is to be expected and is of no means a reflection of the quality of your service or product itself. Thank you again for providing such a great service in the country. It's companies like yours that make dealing with being a coeliac easy!”
    • Caroline Owens - January 8 2014
      “I just wanted to relay that your gluten free products especially the chocolate brownie (I'm just after eating one and wanted to express my joy) are the nicest gluten free products on the market in my opinion. For years there has been horrible, barely edible products. Well done and its great to see an Irish company making a difference.”
    • Jenny Byrne - January 1 2014
      “I had some of your gluten free mince pies over Christmas....just wanted to let you know they are the nicest I have tasted - really really good. I gave them to people on a non-gluten free diet and they thought they were great too.”
    • Mia Carney - December 16 2013
      “I just had to write and say, congratulations on your wonderful bread! I was staying at the Old Convent in Clogheen, Tipperary and they served this bread up for breakfast and I couldn't believe it was GF and egg free too! It was a slice of heaven, it actually tastes like bread and looks like bread. Delicious! I have a nightmare as I am egg free too and all the new nice GF breads have egg in them; your's doesn't so happy days for me!”
    • Tracy Higgins - December 8 2013
      “Omg bought an apple and cinnamon pastry while in Douglas and Kaldi the other day. So hard to believe it was gf soooo tasty.”
    • Cathy Mitchell Reynolds - December 4 2013
      “My 5 year old is gluten free and dairy free as well as an extremely picky eater. The Farmhouse Loaf is the first GF bread he has ever eaten without protest!"”
    • Siobhan Carr - November 27 2013
      “Amazing chocolate muffins!! Nicest I've had in 8 years gluten free! Hard not to eat the four of them!!”
    • Jean Farrell - November 22 2013
      “In a cafe on Mardyke St in Athlone I ate one of your small almond tarts. I have been a coeliac since I was 40 (22 years ago) and it was the MOST delicious thing I have eaten since then. Well done! The great pity is that I am trying to lose weight so I can only eat the like of it on rare treats.”
    • Peggy Shaughnessy - November 15 2013
      “We had your brownies today they get 10 out of 10. Looking forward to trying the rest of the range.”
    • Kathleen King - November 11 2013
      “Fantastic bread! Wow, compared to other "big brands" that are in bomb proof packages and have zero taste - this bread is gorgeous with a nice bit of vegan spread or Sheese! Fantastic value! Continued success to your business Goodness Grains!”
    • Noreen Costello - November 11 2013
      “Just want to say how much I love the goodness grains products, they are so moist compared to a lot of brands that are out there.”
    • Anne McKiernan - November 8 2013
      “Still amazed that your bread is gluten free as it tastes so good, definitely the leader in the field !!”
    • Shelly O'Connor - October 21 2013
      “I loved my last order and the bread's were just fabulous!! Keep up the high standard!! I've recommended you to my friends!”
    • Margaret Renehan - October 15 2013
      “I thought I would try out the breads and the cake range and I can only say that that the apple/almond tart and the Lemon are fantastic. The danish pastries are as good as you will get. Loved the breads and will defo be buying again.”
    • Emma Bennett - October 14 2013
      “I tasted some of your products over the weekend when I was in Dundrum - I am coeliac and am always looking out for new products that are really nice. I was very impressed and really liked them.”
    • Margaret Renehan - October 14 2013
      “Loved all the products I received, the tarts were fantastic and the bread delicious.”
    • Catherine Cooke - September 30 2013
      “I would just like to say I have tested a few of your products and they are delicious, I have told a few of my friends who are Coeliac all about Goodness Grains. Keep up the good work.”
    • Al Russell - September 21 2013
      “Loving that I can get a sliced version if my favourite gf bread in Tescos now!”
    • Izzy Cat - September 20 2013
      “The best & softest gluten free bread I've ever had! Yum! Thanks for making it dairy & egg free too - so much gf bread contains egg!”
    • Miriam Guy - August 8 2013
      “Just had our first delivery from you, wow! Amazing fresh products and fab delivery! My husband is in love with the blueberry muffins!”
    • Aoife Garvey - July 31 2013
      “I just had the nicest Chocolate Brownie ever bought in Supervalu in Tuam today. Yummy! So SO Good.”
    • Marjorie Kane Crowley - July 25 2013
      “I had some products delivered yesterday and they were absolutely yummy! The most delicious gluten free baking I have ever tasted! The lemon tartlet and the apple and almond tart....just heavenly!”
    • Oonagh Dalton - June 24 2013
      “Just wanted to say I tried your sundried tomato & Olive bread recently, at The Jolly Sandwich Bar in Enniskillen! It was so good”
    • Micheál Ó Máirtín - May 31 2013
      “Enjoying Goodness Grains Bread Bap with Sesame Seed...for my breakfast...sooooooooo tasty.”
    • Andrea Gibbons - May 20 2013
      “I just had a chocolate muffin - amazing!!
    • Ken Simpson - May 7 2013
      “Hi, ordered a few treats for the Bank Holiday weekend and I wasn't disappointed. The Danish, Lemon Tart and Apple/Almond tart were as good as anything I've tasted before going GF. The pumpkin seed and tomato/olive breads were also excellent. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks!”
    • Edel Maguire - May 2 2013
      “Tasted your sundried tomato and olive bread in Dunnes cafe in Blanchardstown today, OMG the best bread ever!!!!!!!”