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Ro Regan ...... February 2019

Wow! Just wow!! Has to send you a message as I believe credit where credit is due....A friend made me a sandwich using you delicious bread and it was just gorgeous. Not tasteless and like cardboard like most gluten free breads. I even had to take another slice and eat it with just some butter. Can’t wait to try out more in your range. Keep up the amazing food! You’ll make gluten intolerant people feel happy and not excluded with your fabulous range. Can’t wait to try out your range x

Laura's Gluten Free Kitchen ....... February 2019

New goodies by Goodness Grains 😍 Sorry but I am not sharing. 😁😜 I have only tried the lemon squares so far and Omg. 😋 Only word, delicious.  I have tried the bread in the past which is also so soft and it is a delicious sandwich bread. Not opening this pack yet because I still have a loaf to go through.  I love that the bagels and the crossiants are individually wrapped. Keeps each piece fresher for longer. 😍

Margaret Power ......... February 2019

I have just had one of your croissants for breakfast and it was so delicious I had to let you know!   It was just as good as traditional wheat croissants.  I also had your lemon squares last week.  It is so good for coeliacs to have more choice and not be dribbling at the mouth while others eat!.   Keep up the good work and continue putting your bakes into Tesco,  Ardkeen, Waterford  and New Ross in my case, regards,   Margaret Power

Linda Berry (UK)....... January 2019 

I recently had a breakfast at Savill Gardens, Virginia Water, part of the Crown Estates in the UK and enjoyed the bread, which when I asked the chef was handed a goodness grains farmhouse multiseed loaf wrapper.  Can you please give me the name of a UK stockist, ideally in Berkshire UK?  I am Coeliac and find most supermarket products are pretty awful and whilst there is plenty of choice today the manufacturers substitute gluten with sugar and things are too sweet.  Bread is my biggest issue and the one thing I miss most in my GF diet.   The only edible loaf is Schar Wholesome Seeded loaf, that was until I tasted yours last week.

Jennifer Clyde ........ December 2018

Hi is the palm oil you use the good environmentally and animal friendly one?  Or is it the other one? I absolutely love your lemon slices and coffee slices definitely the best on the gluten free market but would just like to know where you source your vegetable oil (palm)?  Thanks in advance jennifer

(our response ...... We are a certified RSPO site which effectively means that we only use Palm Oil which is sourced from certified sustainable sources and approved RSPO suppliers

Marianne McGrath ...... October 2018

Tried their muffins in maldron hotel cork and was the most delicious muffin I’ve ever had...yummy ...... Good for breakfast

Kim Walsh ....... August 2018

I have just had my first croissant since becoming Coeliac 8 years ago. It was absolutely amazing!!! I had it with a coffee in Douglas and Khaldi in Dundrum and I cannot believe how perfectly delicious it was. Thank you so much for making such delicious gluten free food. Many, many thanks and please keep making such amazing food.Best wishes, Kim

O'Loughlin Family ..... July 2018

As a family who suffer from food allergies, we are very grateful for your product range. Well done and we hope your business goes very well.You have our SupportThe O'Loughlin Family

Leanne McConnell (Australia) ..... June 2017

Dear GG, I am currently on holidays in Northern Ireland from Australia and gluten free as of last year after a gall bladder removal. I despair of the quality of GF products in Australia and would dearly love you to export to Sydney! I was lucky enough to enjoy your plain scones in French Rooms in Bushmills and I must admit I was at first sceptical. What a delicious surprise!! I also have a flat in London so happy if you could send there at least!? Love to keep updated with your expansion plans and even if the scone mix could be exported I know you would have a lot of Aussie fans! All the very best for the future and keep up the delicious baking!!. Cheers Leanne McConnell

Ali Brady ..... June 2017

I so appreciate Goodness Grains as a vegan and gf option   Used to be so annoying when most gf breads would have egg, dairy, or honey. Goodness grains make being vegan and gf easy! And tasty of course Especially Goodness Grains bagels, they're soo delicious!

Lisa Walsh ....... January 2017

This past September I was recently diagnosed as being gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. It's been a struggle for me to find brands that cater to both of my allergies and still maintain a great flavor and texture. You can imagine my struggle in the run up to Christmas. Every year I've looked forward to my mother making her own mince pies, which are always delicious. But this year we found it incredibly difficult to find a way to make them both gluten and dairy free, and still hold up their structure.   Then I came across your mince pies in Dunnes Stores and hope was no longer lost. I couldn't believe how good they were. The were better than any shop bought mince pie I had gotten in the past, and just as good as my mothers, which is very good indeed! So I would just like to thank you very much for your excellent product and making my Christmas. In my local stores, there is a limited stock of your products but I would be eager to try any other products you have. Best regards, Lisa Walsh.


Linda Burke.....January 2017

I love your bagels with vegan cream cheese''.

Jessica Nic Eochaidh ....... May 2016

Ordered online as couldn't find in shops. Delivery was quick and reliable. Will be ordering again thank you Goodness Grains. Keep up the great work'.

Jennifer Lally ...... March 2016

Amazing customer service from Goodness Grains - as well as having the tastiest gluten free products around, they know how to treat their customers''.