Goodness Grains Ambassadors

Would you like to be a Goodness Grains Ambassador?


The Role of a Goodness Grains Ambassador is to generally help promote the Goodness Grains brand in your locality, i.e. your local shop, schools, friends and family, etc. Talk about our products in your social circles, at the school gates, in the gym, on the golf course, etc..

Specifically, if your local supermarket is currently stocking Goodness Grains, our GG Ambassador would pop into the supermarket twice a week to check on the stock levels and tidy up the display on shelf. Let us know how things are going.

Likewise, if you find that a shop in your locality doesn't stock Goodness Grains, perhaps you could suggest to them that they should.

On occasion, if you were interested, we could get you to conduct instore product tastings in your local supermarket.

What are the Benefits for you as a Goodness Grains Ambassador?


In return for your support, we will offer you a Voucher to the value of €50 every month to spend online on Goodness Grains products. Shipping will of course be free to you.

We would like you to support us for an initial period of 6 months. Please contact us by email – if you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Goodness Grains.