Are Goodness Grains(GG) products Gluten Free? Yes.

Are GGs' products Wheat Free? Yes.

Are GGs' products Egg Free? All our breads and bagels are Egg Free, suitable for Vegans.

Are GGs' products Dairy Free? All our breads and bagels are Dairy Free, suitable for Vegans.  

Are GGs' products Yeast Free? No.


What type of Flour is used in GGs' Products?

The flour used for our pastry base is a blend of Rice Starch, Maize and Potato and the flour used in our bread is a blend of Maize Starch and Rice Flour.


Are GGs' products made in a Gluten Free Bakery?

Yes, our bakery is a dedicated gluten free facility.

What type of Sugar is used?

Beet sugar in all of our products.


What products are suitable for Vegans?

All our bread and bagels products are dairy and egg free and contain Soya Protein. Please see each product ingredient list for more detail. 


What products are suitable for Vegetarians? All of our product are suitable.


Do you make Gluten Free specialty cakes? No we unfortunately don't.


Where can you buy Goodness Grains products?

For our full stockist list please see the 'Our Stockist' section on our website.


Where do you ship to?

We ship throughout Ireland and also to UK.


Is your range suitable for freezing?
Our full range can be frozen. Please see each product label for freezing details.

 Shelf Life 

Breads 11 Days 
Bagels & Baps 9 Days 
Choc Chip 35 Days
Muffins, Lemon Slice & Brownies 35 Days
Tartlets 7 Days
Scones  4 Days
Danish Swirls 4 pack  9 Days 
Danish Apple & Cinnamon 5 Days 
Croissants 7 Days