Goodness Grains ships internationally, our main export markets at present are UK and Europe.  We are looking to expand into USA, Australia and UAE.

As a ‘Go To’ Gluten Free solution provider, Goodness Grains has the ability to service both Retail and Foodservice Markets.

As a Producer, we have the capability to work with customers to develop bespoke products to meet their end user requirements.

Minimum Order Quantity is 1 (one) mixed pallet.

Production Capabilities

Bread Loaves, Rolls & Bagels

Gluten Free, Dairy Free & VEGAN

  • 7m loaves PA or
  • 26m rolls/Bagels PA

Viennoiserie55m Pieces PA

Muffins and Cake Slices - 25m pieces PA

Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps - 6m Pieces PA

Quality and Safey

  • Manufacture < 5ppm gluten
  • World standard supplier accreditation system – full traceability
  • Tesco Technical Accreditation - approved to National Level
  • BRC Certification
  • RSPO Certification
  • SEDEX Member
  • Verified Member of Bord Bia’s Sustainable Origin Green Programme
  • 17 Great Taste Awards and 6 Blas Awards in 4 years.

Enquires to: info@goodnessgrains.com